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Bar Glassware Cleaner Powder - 72 pouches

SKU# 24001

Bar Glassware Cleaner Powder - 72 pouches

SKU# 24001

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Don’t leave the cleanliness of your barware to chance. Get this ultra-potent Bar Glassware Cleaner Powder today!

These pre-measured powder pouches are perfect for use with manual glass brushes. Just dump one pouch into 3 1/2 gallons of water and use the solution to sanitize your glassware while preventing streaks, spots, or unsightly film. You’ll never serve a drink in a dirty glass again!

Grimy glasses are a red flag to any potential patron. Maintain your sterling reputation with the help of Bar Glassware Cleaner Powder for more brilliant barware that you can bank on!

  • Prevents streaks, spots and film
  • Sanitizes glassware
Specs N/A
  • 72 pouches

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