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Blenheim Ginger Ale 12 oz Bottle - Medium Heat


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When you buy ginger ale from Blenheim you get more than a drink! Prepare for an incredible ginger ale soda experience.


  • Buy 24 for $1.75 each and save 13%


When you buy ginger ale from Blenheim you get so much more than a drink! Packed with feisty flavor and over 100 years of southern tradition, this ginger ale soda will change the way you think about soft drinks.

Raved about in the New York Times as “the pride of South Carolina,” this aggressive beverage has been propelled from “modest regional fame to cult status” and until now, it was hard to get your hands on.

Feeling bold? Try the legendary Blenheim Hot Ginger Ale.

  • Made with mineral spring water and rich, spicy, ground ginger root
  • Bottled in South Carolina with a reputation that spans the globe
  • Delicious ginger ale with a spicy kick – medium heat

Additional Information

  • Bottle Size: 12 fl oz

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