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The (Latest) World’s Strongest Beer at 40% ABV!

Thursday, February 4th, 2010 by Liz Chatterton

World's Strongest BeerMove over Tactical Nuclear Penguin, there’s a new beer, brewed to steal your title and take over as the world’s strongest beer.

German brewery Schorschbrau has released Schorschbock 40, a whisky-like brew aptly named for its 40% alcohol by volume rate (TNP is a mere 32%). Now on sale in Scotland, it sells as a shot – an expensive one at that.

Only 40 bottles were produced (we’re sensing a theme with the 40 thing here…) and each one is signed and hand-numbered by the brew master. The ceramic bottles are sealed with wax and come in a wooden case with a window on one side.

This review by Gordon Tait of the Scottish Sun is almost comical to me. One drinker says it’s lovely and another says it’ll put hair on your chest. The reporter even refers to the craft brew as "liquid rocket fuel."

Now, I’d consider myself to be a pretty serious beer drinker but I can’t help but believe that this brew is all about the buzz (pun intended). I’m not sure I’ll ever get to try this brutally high-octane beverage – but I also think I’m ok with that. Heck, half a bottle of Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA and I’m feeling pretty darn good – the Schorschbock 40 could definitely get me into trouble.


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4 Responses to “The (Latest) World’s Strongest Beer at 40% ABV!”

  1. Ed Says:

    Sounds deliciously evil. Gotta try some…

    Josh’s comment in the article saying,”…That would put hairs on your chest.” cracked me up because from the sound of it, it’d be perfect for making the hairs on your chest fall out, or maybe help remove paint from the walls.

    Regardless, I wouldn’t turn down a taste… chest hair or no.

  2. Hannah Says:

    I, too, would enjoy a taste of the strongest beer in the world… who wants to go to Scotland with me?

  3. M Says:

    MEEEEEE!!!!!! I wanna go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hannah Says:

    M – o.O I THOUGHT you might!!

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