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Blenheim's Hot Ginger Ale: A Cult Favorite

This. Is. Awesome.

The new (well not really new, they've been around for over 100 years) to us Blenheim Hot Ginger Ale is finally here! The cult following of Blenheim Ginger AleBlenheim isn't a new phenomenon, but getting it easily finally is.

I can completely see why there is such a following of this great ginger beer! At KegWorks I've had some of the best ginger beers and sodas available, but this is unique.

The medium is a solid offering, but the hot version is the real treasure! I completely wasn't expecting the smooth taste followed by a pleasant sting of ginger. I've always been a fan of hot things, (I live in Buffalo, home of the Buffalo chicken wing, for example) but I don't always experience a pleasant ride through a variety of complex tastes, just to end up at a tingling, satisfying feeling at the tip of my taste buds. The journey of sugary sweet scent through to the zing of the ginger spike at the finish is definitely one I will have to experience again tonight as I sit on the porch taking in the cool September breeze, whispering to us, of the end of summer.