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Entertainingly Chauvinistic Vintage Beer Ads

In an online search I came across a URL that contained "Awesomely Chauvinistic Vintage Beer Ads" [] and I just had to click. What I found is indeed chauvinistic and very entertaining. Apparently traditional beer advertising was not so much about half naked girls and sex appeal as much as it was about women "knowing their role." I'm not exactly a feminist and I'm not easily offended, so as a woman in the beer business I really got a kick out of these time-sensitive ads. Can you imagine the reaction Schlitz, Miller, and Anheuser-Busch would get if they ran the campaigns today? So here they are, in all of their prejudiced glory: Who needs subtlety?
Schlitz Beer Ad
This one reeks of "Know your role and have dinner and a Miller High Life on the table when I get home from work, biatch."
Miller High Life Beer Ad
This one is more of the "know your role and pour me a beer while I fix things with my tools and sheer brawn" type.
Budweiser Beer Ad
This ad seems to suggest that men should hang out with their friends and drink beer while women fix them dinner and long for the day that they can contribute something valuable to a conversation about work or politics.
Miller High Life Ad
Then there's this ad that pictures a subservient member of staff rewarding the hardworking radio broadcaster with a beer. She's certainly progressive if she's out there working, I just hope she's done serving his beer early enough to get home and make dinner and pour beer for her own husband.
Schlitz Beer Ad
The copy for the following ad reads "In this friendly, freedom-loving land of ours… Beer Belongs—Enjoy It!" That's a nice message; except they should have clarified that you need to be a man to kick back and enjoy a brew over the holidays. Women shouldn't have time to relax if they're wrapping presents, preparing meals, raising children and bringing their men beer like they're supposed to. Duh!
Brewers Foundation Beer Ad
Perhaps the message here is "know your role and get my dinner on the table faster– you're getting in the way of my beer delivery."?
Old Vienna Beer Ad
"It's OK…. I saved the Schlitz!" says it all. Just make sure you know your role when the boat tips over.
Schlitz Beer Ad
And lastly, there's this gem from the KING of beers. Apparently this guy is the king of getting women drunk. As long as they know their role as he does it, it's ok.
Budweiser Beer Ad
Hope you enjoyed these blasts from the past as much as I did. I’d keep writing but I’ve gotta go pour Tom, Dave, Kris, Greg and John their lunchtime beers! [techtags:BEER ADS, FUNNY BEER ADS, OLD BEER ADS, VINTAGE BEER ADS, BEER ADVERTISEMENTS]

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