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The Big Chill

Whether you sip or shoot your spirits of choice, we've got two new ways of keeping them deliciously cold (if that's how you dig 'em). Just in this week, a set of four Ekke Soapstone Shot Glasses for $39.95. These things are as classy as shot glasses come and happily live in your freezer, ready to handle your favorite liquors any time you're looking to toss one back. The soapstone is a non-porous material, so they'll never trap flavors or odors, and they'll instantly chill any shot you pour. Ekke Soapstone Shot Glasses For those of you who enjoy a stiff drink on the rocks, our new set of four Silicone Ice Ball Molds are a perfect fit. For just $16.95, you get four jumbo molds that produce 2-inch diameter ice balls. One giant ice ball has less surface area than a pile of cubes, so your ice won't melt as quickly, keeping your drinker stronger, longer. Silicone Ice Ball Molds 4 Pack There's more where these come from: feel free to check out all of our rad drink-chilling items. [techtags:JUMBO ICE BALLS, JAPANESE ICE BALLS, ICE BALL MOLDS, EKKE SHOT GLASSES, SOAPSTONE SHOT GLASSES]

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