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The Cheerwine Cocktail

Cheerwine Cocktail
You may have noticed, but most of us here can't get enough of Cheerwine. It's a soda that we crave at least a few times a week. I couldn't help but to fix up a refreshing cocktail using this delicious pop, one I think will be a perfect addition to your summer favorites. Cheerwine Cocktail 2 oz gin 1 oz lime juice Splash of soda water Cheerwine Lime wedge for garnish Fill a collins or highball glass with ice. Pour in gin, lime juice and a splash of soda water. Top off with Cheerwine and stir until mixed well. Garnish with the lime wedge and enjoy. [techtags:CHEERWINE, DRINK RECIPES, COCKTAIL RECIPES, SUMMER COCKTAILS]

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