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The Making of KegWorks' Bottle Cap Wall

60,000 Bottle Caps on KegWorks Wall
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bottle caps
Wall Stats
Approximately 60,000 bottle
caps (all sent in by our
incredible customers & friends)
459 square feet of wall space
Many rolls of 30 mil thick magnetic
adhered to the wall
43 KegWorks employees putting
up caps
Started on Tuesday, November
27th @ 3:47pm (the very first cap
was a Dogfish Head)
Last cap went up on Wednesday,
January 23rd @ 2:31pm
(and that one was from Harpoon)
Frequently Asked Questions
Did you have to glue the caps to the wall?
Nope - we let the magnetic sheeting do most of the work.
But doesn't the magnetic wall demagnetize the credit cards of everyone who walks by?
Negative - we walk by every day and our credit cards work just fine.
How many photos did you have to take to make the video possible?
Our photographer took 10,525 pictures in all - but a few of them were just for fun.
Where did you get that awesome song you have as the background music?
It's called "Music for a Found Harmonium" by Penguin Café
Orchestra. You can check them out here.
Are you going to make another bottle cap wall?
We just might - guess you'll have to wait and see.
Should I buy all of my draft beer equipment, man cave essentials, and cocktail ingredients from KegWorks?
Yes - but only if you like cool stuff and shopping with an awesome company.
Capping the Wall