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Video: Hey, Pass Me A Beer!

Hey, Pass Me A Beer - Video Still It's nearly impossible to ignore the low-budget, ridiculously successful marketing that Old Milwaukee's been doing lately. Remember those Will Ferrell commercials? Ferrell did that for free, and now two Milwaukee natives - cousins Jake Szymanski and Jack Packard, commonly known as "Almost Twins" - have put together a video for Funny or Die, a popular comedy video website. The video, titled Hey, Pass Me A Beer, was shot in Milwaukee and features two suited men passing each other Old Milwaukee cans in a number of not-so-standard ways. We found it to be amusing, and thought we'd share it with you here on our blog. Who knows? Maybe Ferrell, Jack, and Jake have a real love for this classic American light lager, and have formed an allegiance to support it. The cousins and Ferrell are apparently already friendly, and Ferrell even appears in one of their other videos titled High-Five Hollywood. In my opinion it's not as funny, but if you're interested, watch for the comedic superstar at the 2:46 mark. [techtags:Beer Videos, Hey, Pass Me a Beer, Funny or Die, Will Ferrell]

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