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Refrigerator Conversion KitsIf you've got a new or used spare food refrigerator or freezer, a conversion kit is the simple and cost-effective way to build an impressive draft beer system for your home bar. Converting a refrigerator, really, is a simple project.

KegWorks offers a great selection of refrigerator conversion kits and kegerator supplies. Our kits come with everything to custom build a kegerator that'll meet your beer drinkin' needs, including detailed instructions.

What's Great About Them
Low Cost
Refrigerator conversion kits are considerably less expensive than a new keg fridge, especially when you’ve got a fridge or freezer to work with.

Simple to Convert
Turning a fridge into a kegerator is a job that almost anyone can understand and complete. All you need that KegWorks does not supply is a drill. It takes the average person less than a ½-hour to complete the job.

When you buy a ready-to-go keg fridge, what comes in the box is what you get. When you're building your own kegerator, KegWorks has everything you need to convert your old refrigerator to the home draft system of your dreams. If one of our standard conversion kits will not suit your needs, our expert staff can help you build your ideal system, piece by piece. Add multiple lines to dispense more than one beer, buy different couplers to dispense all types of beer – if you can think it, we can probably help you set up a system to do it!

A converted fridge can meet all you home bar refrigeration needs. When you build your own kegerator with a refrigerator conversion kit, you'll be able to do more than serve delicious draft beer. There will be plenty of room to store bottled drinks and mixers on the doors. If you've converted a refrigerator with a separate freezer, you can use it to frost beer mugs and store ice for mixed drinks.
Things to Consider
Power Tools and Precision
Converting a fridge requires drilling holes, some measurements and set up. If you're not interested in doing the work, this may not be the best home draft solution for you.

Fridge Not Included
To convert a refrigerator into a kegerator, the first thing you need is a refrigerator. An old fridge can usually be acquired inexpensively, just remember that you'll probably need help moving it once you've got it.

No Guarantee
New keg refrigerators come with a warranty, whereas the warranties for older fridges have most likely expired. Even if you are converting a newer fridge that is still under warranty, once you drill a hole through the door it will most likely be voided.

Refrigerators are designed to hold food, not kegs of beer. To turn a food fridge into a keg fridge you may have to make some modifications. Of course, you'll have to drill a hole into the door for the shank and faucet, but you might also need to modify the door shelves first, to give you enough space to drill. You'll also have to remove the shelves and crisper drawers.

Many refrigerators have a bottom that slants upwards towards the back of the unit (to accommodate the compressor). The resulting "hump" is often hidden behind the crisper drawers but it becomes very visible once they're removed. If you can't fit your keg in front of the compressor hump you will have to build up the bottom of the fridge in order to make it level and keg friendly.

Design Limitations
Kitchen refrigerators cannot be built into cabinetry, so you might have to work around a converted kegerator refrigerator when designing your bar.

Inside Only
Keeping your converted kegerator outdoors is not an option unless the fridge that you convert is UL certified for outdoor use.
Your Options
Choose the kit that will best work with what you want and the unit that you're looking to convert.

Single Tap Conversion Kits

These are the most popular way to convert a standard kitchen refrigerator. Single Tap Conversion Kits allow you to pour beer from a faucet mounted on the outside of your refrigerator door.

Double Wall Mount Conversion Kits

Want to serve more than one beer from your converted refrigerator? Double Wall Mount Conversion Kits allow you to do just that. The number of faucets you can have is only limited by the amount of keg storage space that you have. So, if your fridge can hole two kegs, this kit will help you serve them!

Tower Conversion Kits

Tower Conversion Kits can also be used to set up a new system and they work especially well for freezer chest conversions. If you're going to convert a freezer, you'll also need an external temperature control unit to keep the freezer's temperature from falling below freezing. These control devices are very easy to install. Just plug the temperature control unit into the wall, and then plug your freezer directly into it. Then put the sensor in the freezer and close the door.

The most common use for the Tower Conversion Kit however, is to retro fit or upgrade an existing keg fridge (ready-to-go-kegerator).

Many people see Tower Conversion Kits as a great solution for building a kegerator refrigerator from a small college dorm room fridge. However, most times it isn't actually possible to do, due to size. The fridge needs to be large enough to comfortably fit a keg, with a fair amount of clearance above the keg, so that it is not in contact with the unit's freezer.
Video: Turn Your Fridge into a Kegerator in Minutes! Learn How.

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