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The KegWorks Holiday MANual Part 1
With all of the decorating, parties, family functions,
shopping, wrapping, cooking, carving, and drinking
going on the holidays can seem like a lot to tackle
in just over a month.
You're fully equipped to grab the reins of the
occasion - you just need the right attitude and a plan.
5 Tips for Achieving Holiday Greatness

1. Go Ahead, Get Jolly

If there's ever a time to tap into your less jaded self and hold onto a sense
of wonder about the world, that time is now. Turn on the holiday tunes, deck
out the lawn, drive around and look at the lights, watch your favorite childhood
movie, make some hot chocolate or maybe even find some time to volunteer.
The holidays are meant to warm your spirit – let them.

2. Create Your Own Traditions

Attempting to do everything and please everyone is guaranteed to make you
a real grinch. If you're in a relationship that requires contenting two whole
families, it's even more stressful. At a certain age, it's perfectly acceptable to
stop attending every single annual event and create your own holiday traditions.
Chances are, you won't even miss cramming into your rickety old twin bed from
junior high.

3. Shop Early & Shop Online

You can make a fantastic list and check it twice but until you actually purchase
the goods, you're not out of the woods. Shopping online makes it easy to get
everything you need ordered in a relatively short amount of time. When you
allow enough time for delivery, there's virtually no hassle. That means minimal
effort and maximum impact.

We're not sure if you've heard but has great gifts for the naughty.

4. Wrap as You Go

No one likes wrapping gifts. To do it all at once is pretty much asking for a
headache. To guilt your mom, wife or kids into doing it for you is a copout.
Take advantage of in-store gift-wrapping services, wrap after each shopping
expedition and take care of online purchases the same day they arrive so you'll
have less to deal with last minute. You'll also feel more on top of things, which
is good for morale.

5. Take Time to Eat, Sleep & Be Merry

Despite the hectic nature of the season, it's important to take some time for
yourself. If you're staying up all night, eating cookies for every meal and drinking
nothing but coffee and booze you're bound to get sick. Get to bed early once in
a while, schedule trips to the gym and eat something that grew on a tree or in the
ground on occasion – you'll be a much happier person.
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