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Double Walled Acrylic Iceless Wine and Carafe Bottle Cooler

Item # WC-4A

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Keep your wine, champagne or carafes of fruit juice chilled without using any ice! This elegant cooler will keep your beer bottles cool.



Forget ice! Keep your wine or champagne chilled without using any ice! This wine cooler creates a chamber of cold air from the chill of the bottle itself (when bottle is pre-chilled). The wine cooler keeps your wine bottle cool for hours, without any melting ice or mess! This can also be used to keep large beer bottles cold, easily holds those larger 22oz + bottles.
Also great for breakfast bars or evening wine service.

  • Holds all standard wine and champagne bottles
  • Shatterproof, break resistant
  • Also works great with large beer bottles

Additional Information

  • Overall Dimensions: 9”H x 4 3/4”W
  • Bottle Opening at the top: 3 3/4” Diameter

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