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Fee Brothers Bar Cocktail Mixers Starter Set

SKU# 18601

Fee Brothers Bar Cocktail Mixers Starter Set

SKU# 18601

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Includes 6 specially selected 4-ounce bottles – West Indies Orange Bitters, Falernum, Blue Curacao, Curacao-Triple Sec, Orgeat, and Sloe Gin. This collection of unique and hard-to-find cocktail mixers will greatly expand your bartending horizons.

Opened in 1863, Fee Brothers of Rochester, New York, is in its fourth generation of manufacturing top quality cocktail mixes, bitters, flavoring syrups and other beverage ingredients.

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  • 6 specially selected 4-ounce glass bottles
  • Size: 4 fl oz each
  • West Indies Orange Bitters: Many recipes call for orange bitters. Add a twist to the “classic” Martini.
  • Falernum: A taste from the Islands, with flavors of lime juice, almond and ginger. Try it in a Barbados Rum Punch or a Trade Winds.
  • Blue Curacao: A very popular, fun ingredient. Great for Blue Margaritas, Blue Whales, or Blue Hawaiians.
  • Curacao-Triple Sec: A versatile ingredient, adding an orange dimension to your drink. Great in Margaritas and Kamikazes.
  • Orgeat: Pronounced “or-ZHAT”. An almond flavored milky-white syrup. The key ingredient in many Polynesian drinks such as a Mai Tai.
  • Sloe Gin: A staple behind any bar and necessary ingredient in an Alabama Slammer, Sloe Gin Fizz and many more.

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