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Fee Brothers Hibiscus Flower Water - 5 oz

Item # 21974

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Improve your overall cocktail experience with hibiscus flower water! Just a few drops add a pleasant, calming aroma to your drinks.


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Improve your overall cocktail experience with this subtly fragrant hibiscus flower water! You don’t need much to add a pleasant, calming aroma.

Botanical flower waters are the hot new ingredients, developed to take your cocktails to the next level. Mixologists around the world are using hibiscus water and other blends to transform classic recipes and develop exciting and innovative drinks.

Don’t wait, discover the difference a few drops can make.

  • Fragrantly distilled with hibiscus
  • Ideal for enhancing your favorite drinks and crafting new cocktails
  • Meant to be used sparingly, just a few drops adds the perfect aroma

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  • Size: 5 oz

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