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Fee Brothers Rose Flower Water - 5 oz

SKU# 21760

Fee Brothers Rose Flower Water - 5 oz

SKU# 21760

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The folks at Fee Brothers know a thing or two about making great drinks. If you have any doubts, just try their brand new, perfectly delicious cocktail rose water.

In mixology, as in love, a rose can do wonderful things. Non-alcoholic rose water is a delicate ingredient distilled from rose petals. In South Asia and the Middle East, it’s used to flavor sweets, ice cream and drinks with its distinctive floral character.

Gin and sparkling wine are natural partners for rose water; just remember to use it sparingly! In small doses, it’s fantastic. Too much and your drink can end up smelling like grandma’s decorative soap.

  • Adds delicate fragrance and aroma to your cocktails
  • Increasingly popular ingredient in mixology
  • Works well with gin and sparkling wine
Includes N/A
  • Size: 5 oz

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