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Jumbo Ice Ball Silicone Molds - Pack of 4


Jumbo Ice Ball Silicone Molds - Pack of 4


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  • Buy 6 for $14.95 each and save 12%

With this fantastic set of ice molds you get all of the benefits of an ice ball maker, four times over.

If you’re wondering what’s so great about giant ice balls, just think back to science class. The sizable frozen spheres have less surface area than a glass of smaller cubes, so they melt slower. That means they’re able to chill your drink and delay the evil diluting effects of melting long enough for you to enjoy your cocktail.

No one likes watered down booze, so do yourself a favor and make the transition from fast-melting ice cubes to giant, beverage-saving ice balls. Thousands of fancy cocktail bars can’t be wrong.

  • Made of durable long lasting silicone
  • Each mold makes 1 ice ball
  • Easy-to-see fill line helps to create a solid ice ball
  • Larger surface area ensures ice melts more slowly
  • Ideal for cocktails, liquors, and cold beverages of all kinds
  • Get creative and add fruit pieces or food coloring for a fun twist
  • Makes a great gift
  • Ice Ball Size: 2” Diameter
  • (4) Ice Ball Silicone Molds

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