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On The Rocks Whisky Stones - Set of 9

Item # STONES-9

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Who needs ice? Keep your drink cold with whisky stones! Perfect for on the rocks drinks like whiskey, soapstone pieces like these chill your beverage without waterin...


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Ice is for amateurs. Be smart about your spirits and keep your drink cold with whisky stones instead!

These ingenious stones are the perfect addition to your favorite rocks drinks like whiskey. Soapstone artisans craft each cube by hand in idyllic Perkinsville, Vermont, so you’re getting guaranteed quality.

Pop them in the freezer until you’re ready for a relaxing cocktail. Then just drop them in your glass, let stand for about five minutes, and enjoy a well-chilled dram of your chosen liquor without worrying about the diluting disasters of melted ice.

Stop watering down your whiskey every time you want to wet your whistle. Trust these whisky stones to chill your booze, not drown it!

  • Made of all-natural soapstone
  • Handcrafted by soapstone workers in Perkinsville, Vermont
  • Cool your favorite spirit without diluting the flavors
  • Easy to use
  • Not recommended for larger volume drinks

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: Approximately 3/4”W x 7/8”W

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