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Replacement Bar Stool Swivel

SKU# 280-1056

Replacement Bar Stool Swivel

SKU# 280-1056

Out of stock.

If these bar stool parts starred in a major motion picture, it would definitely be titled “How the Stool Got Its Swivel Back”.

All jokes aside, if you’re looking to restore your metal bar stool to top-notch condition and renew that essential bar stool swivel, replacement parts like this one are the easiest way to do it.

Mounting hardware is not included, so just make sure you have four screws on hand when you’re ready to attach it.

  • Made of metal
  • Great for restoring metal bar stools
  • Easy to attach
  • Dimensions: H 6-3/8” x W 6-3/8” x D 3/4
  • Replaces 6-3/8” x 6-3/8” swivels
  • Does NOT include mounting hardware

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