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Ubertap 3 Faucet Draft Beer Keg Tap - US Sankey D Coupler
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Ubertap 3 Faucet Draft Beer Keg Tap - US Sankey D Coupler


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Get the Ubertap for your next party and cut down on waiting time in the refill line!

A unique 3-way splitter gives you 3 times the dispensing power to keep the line cruising along. The D System coupler fits standard US Sankey kegs that house 99% of the beer brewed in North America. An ingenious, super-efficient foot pump provides consistent pressure that helps you dispense your brew 5 times faster than a traditional, hand-pumped keg tap and keeps your hands free for easy pouring.

Stop listening to whiny complaints from your impatient friends. Put the Ubertap in your party arsenal and start throwing legendary keggers that will be talked about for years to come!

  • In stock and ready to ship.
  • All metal 3-way splitter
  • Fits D System (US Sankey) kegs
  • Foot pump for ultra-fast beer dispensing
  • Triple your dispensing power
  • Perfect for parties with multiple kegs
  • (1) 3-way splitter
  • (1) Foot pump
  • (1) D System coupler
  • (3) Black beer lines with plastic faucets

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