10 Clever Beer Names

Despite my recent post joking that hop-related beer names need to stop, I really am impressed by cleverly executed puns and I do get a kick out of crafty beer names.

Here’s my Top 10 Clever Beer Names list. Feel free to agree, disagree and add your own!

1. Lost Abbey’s Duck Duck Gooze
It’s cute, it’s crafty, I like it.

2. McQuire’s I’ll Have What The Gentleman On The Floor Is Having Barley Wine
Self-explanatory for anyone familiar with the powers of barleywine.

3. Wasatch Polygamy Porter
This Utah beer comes complete with the tagline "Why have just one?"

4. Breckenridge Pandora’s Bock
Once opened it’s "a wealth of flavor and complexity will spill out into the world." Amazing.

5. Terrapin Side Project Boom Shakalager
Have I mentioned I’m easily amused?

6. Port Brewing’s Badonk-A-Dunkel
So awesome, there’s no commentary necessary.

7. Dark Horse’s Smells Like Weed IPA
Hey, there’s something to be said for brutal honesty.

8. Redhook’s Haulin’ Oats
It’s oatmeal stout and the play on words is awesome.

9. Full Sail’s "Wreck the Halls" Christmas brew
Oh so witty (and festive too!)

10. Schmaltz Brewing’s He’Brew Jewbilation
I’m not Jewish and I have no desire to get into religion here but the tagline "The Chosen Beer" and names like "Messiah Bold" are things I certainly believe in.



  • J scoblic July 25, 2011 @ 2:01pm

    Midnight Sun Brewing’s Panty Peeler. Not sure if it works.

  • Paul July 25, 2011 @ 2:17pm

    Definitely liked Dogfish Head’s Wrath of Pecan.

  • Deron July 25, 2011 @ 4:46pm

    Ninkasi “Sleigh’r” (In the same font as Slayer (the band)) – a double Alt that’s their holiday offering

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