10 Entirely Ridiculous Beer Tattoos

I’m a firm believer in getting tattoos that mean something. I only have one little tiny hidden one at the moment but considering my career, social life, and hobbies pretty much all revolve around beer at this point, I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a beer themed tattoo, also small – and probably hidden.

I was thinking a cool, artsy design – maybe with hops or possibly a Belgian glass – so I did a little Google Images search to see what other ideas I might want to consider. In my pursuit of inspiration, I also came across some real doozies and I felt the need to share. Enjoy.

Beer Tattoo 1

I like beer and pizza as much as the next gal but I feel like that’s the kind of love that should be kept to yourself, not tattooed on the back of your leg. I get legitimately sad when I think about the fact that someone has a cutesy PBR wannabe bottle and two really gross looking cheese slices forever inscribed on their body.

Beer Tattoo 2

Beer Tattoo 3

Ah, the old six-pack joke. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think it’s quite that funny. Whether you’re an attractive woman or a man with a very big gut, it’s still the overplayed six-pack joke. There is one good thing about it though… when these people are 90 years old and someone is bathing them at the nursing home, they’ll have an easy topic of conversation.

Beer Tattoo 4

Much like the beer and pizza tat above, this one just kind of makes me sad. I get that people like to embrace their vices but tattooing a jolly bottle of beer holding hands with a cigarette pack onto your skin forever seems a little over the top to me.

Beer Tattoo 5

Is that Genny tap on someone’s nipple? Or is it a birthmark? Either way, I think this one is ridiculous and kind of awesome, all at the same time.

Beer Tattoo 6

If you drink enough PBR to blackout on a regular basis, you probably have a problem you shouldn’t be bragging about.

Beer Tattoo 7

Did Ed Hardy design this one?

Beer Tattoo 8

Sort of almost funny on a t-shirt – not so much on one’s leg.

Beer Tattoo 9

Sierra Nevada is great. Back hair isn’t. Is that supposed to be Bigfoot hiding in the forest? If so, I’m a little grossed out.

Beer Tattoo 10

Virgin Mary meets PBR ribbon – I bet the hipster this belongs to is just trying to be ironic but it’s blowing my mind all the same.

Stay classy fellow beer drinkers. Think before you ink.

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  • Dave April 23, 2012 @ 10:31pm

    The Bigfoot tattoo is a work in progress. I know because I’ve seen the posts by the guy who has that tattoo on beeradvocate.com

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