10 Inspiring Custom Kegerators

Having a kegerator is the ultimate bragging right. Actually, scratch that. It’s just the ultimate home accessory. If you love draft beer and prefer to have more than a growler or two at home, a kegerator is the only way to go.

I plan to have one someday – likely, a converted refrigerator. But it won’t just be a plain old fridge rigged for draft dispensing. No. It will be custom. Unique. It will say something explicitly about me and my interests. It may not even be a fridge. I might convert something else.

I’m not there yet, so I still have time to dream up something special. But whatever I decide to do, these 10 pictures serve as an inspiration to me, and I think you’ll be inspired by them as well.

1. Das Bier. Drinkers Wanted.


2. Chalkboard Kegerator


3. Sports-Centric

Kansas City Chiefs kegerator

Can someone make a Bills or Sabres kegerator, so we can switch out this picture?

4. First Class Beer Delivery

U.S. Mailbox kegerator

5. Movie-Themed

Star Wars Darth Vader Kegerator

6. The Trash Can Kegerator

Garbage Can Kegerator

7. Car Kegerator

Volkswagen car kegerator

8. Arcade-erator

Arcade Kegerator - "Arcade-erator"

9. Patriotic Kegerator

UK Kegerator

10. TV/Culture-Inspired



If you or someone you know is interested in building a custom kegerator, visit our kegerator conversion kit page, or give us a call – 1.877.636.3673. We’d love to give you a hand turning your draft dispensing dream into a beery reality.


  • Kevin January 4, 2017 @ 9:39am

    Hey I found this review website and was wondering if you were able to give me some advice. I’m looking for a Kegerator for my father-in-law but unsure which one to get him. He’s a hardcase, draught beer drinking. He makes his own beer and has some really cool bottles. Any advice would be awesome.

    • Chris April 4, 2019 @ 9:26am

      Hi Kevin,

      We have a wide variety of options to choose from. If you’re looking to go for a converted custom fridge option like the ones in this post, you can convert pretty much any fridge into a kegerator with our Kegerator Conversion Kits. We have a blog post with video on how to set that up too.

      Our Custom Kegerators will allow you to choose exactly the components you want for your dad. Or you can browse all our Kegerator options on the site.

      If you’re wondering how you’d set up a kegerator or what components you’d need, feel free to check out our blog on exactly that.

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