10 Man Cave Essentials

The term “man cave” is tossed around somewhat loosely these days. But what is a man cave? What defines this unique space where men do “man stuff?” Truthfully, each individual defines their own man cave. In fact, as I brainstormed a title for this post, I debated using the word “essentials,” as I truly believe it depends on each person. Upon further thought, however, I realized there are a small number of things that most manctuaries gotta have. Here they are:

1. Television

A man cave is all about relaxing, and personally, when I need to turn my brain off and kick back, I turn on the tube. If you’re a sports fan, the TV is even more imperative.

2. Bar

You gotta have somewhere to drink, right?

3. Kegerator

Danby Draft Beer Kegerator

Danby Draft Beer Kegerator – $639.99

A great man cave always has something on tap. If you can’t afford a bar, strive for a kegerator. Still too expensive? Do you have an old fridge? Get a conversion kit instead.

4. Recliner

A comfy landing for your tired feet is a must. You need a recliner. It’s the best spot in the house for sports watching as well.

5. Your Hobby


man cave with guitars

What do you do to relax – to get away from the stressors of everyday life? The owner of the cave in the picture above obviously enjoys playing guitar, so he has his axes on display. Do the same. Whatever your passion may be, represent it in your space.

6. Gaming Console

Playstation, Xbox, Wii – what’s your poison? It doesn’t really matter. Just make sure you have it close by in your cave.

7. Table Games



3-in-1 rotating game table - pool, foosball, air hockey

Whether it’s pool, ping pong, foosball, or air hockey, you gotta have a table game when your eyes grow tired of the TV.  Darts will do too.

8. Team Gear

What’s your sport and team? Make sure people know with memorabilia hanging inside your cave.

9. Refrigeration

summit hotel mini bar with glass door


If you’re more of a bottles and cans kind of guy, go with a mini fridge to stock your favorite suds.

10. Your Favorite Booze

Is it wine, beer, a special whiskey or cocktail? Whatever it is, keep it close by, so whenever you’re in need, you have it within reach.


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