It’s Go Time – 10 Reasons You Should Help Us Win Social Madness

Social MadnessToday is the first day of the rest of your life. Coincidentally, today is also the first day you can vote for KegWorks in Social Madness.

Social Madness is a contest sponsored by Spark Business from CapitalOne that gives companies in 37 markets around the nation a chance to win a $7,500 donation to the charity of their choice – and we’re taking part.

The fine folks at the American City Business Journals put it on, it’s a bracket style social media competition, and the competition is going to be fierce. We’re planning on kicking some butt in the Buffalo Niagara market, shocking everyone at the National level, and handing a giant check over to Roswell Park Cancer Institute come September.

Roswell Park Cancer Institute

The thing is, we need your help to make it happen! We’re being measured on our ability to build and engage an audience, so we get points every time KegWorks gets:

We have just over two weeks to make sure we make it into the next round and onto the Small Business bracket for Buffalo, so please consider the following:

10 Reasons You Should Help KegWorks Win Social Madness

1. We’re using social media for a good thing
Some people use social media for bad things like pining over their ex, various degrees of stalking, and other not-so-positive activities – winning money for cancer care, research, and education is much more constructive

2. If you connect with us, we won’t make you regret it
We talk about beer, and cocktails, and fun things so not only will you be doing us a favor, you’ll probably legitimately enjoy what we have to say

3. We live in Buffalo
Our sports teams never win anything, and we owe it to this city to make it to the National competition

4. We can give away a kegerator if we win
If we win the contest & grow our social media audience to 50,000 the boss says we can reward all of you by finally giving away a kegerator

5. Our Social Media Director (that’s me) is counting on you (that’s you)
If we don’t win the contest every single person in our office will make sure I never live it down (please vote!)

6. We’re asking very nicely

7. It only takes a couple of minutes
(Unless you’re a really proficient typist and then it only takes a couple of seconds)

8. You can do it from your PC, Mac, desktop, laptop, iPad, Kindle Fire, smart phone, or any other device capable of accessing the internet

9. We’re the only contestant that can hook you up with a draft beer system and/or a dancer pole

10. Every click counts and it’s the right thing to do

So, there you have it. If you’d like to read more about our social media efforts thus far, check out this write-up in Buffalo’s Business First but whatever you do, make sure you vote, like, follow, comment, tweet, share this post, and do what you can to spread the word. We’re determined to make a difference and we really need your help!

Vote KegWorks in Social Madness!

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