10 Shows Much Worse than a Show About Drinking (and How to Help Zane Lamprey Fix TV)

We can’t all make our own TV show about drinking – but comedian/actor/International Drinking Ambassador Zane Lamprey certainly can, and he does a really bang up job.

After watching every last episode of his hit shows Three Sheets and Drinking Made Easy, we are so confident in his informational and entertaining approach to imbibing abroad that we’ve decided to chip in and financially back the first round of episodes of his new project “Chug” at the $2500 level.

“Chug” is set to feature more of Lamprey’s enjoyable wit and wisdom as he travels the globe with an unquenchable thirst for liquid culture (and maybe a few drinks). In this series, he’ll arrive to each destination by train – and trains (much like Zane) chug – hence the very clever title.

If you have a sense of humor, you’re already amused.

If you’re smart you’re probably wondering why we’re helping to fund this series if Lamprey and his shows are as good as we’re making them out to be.

Here’s the thing, Zane has pitched the major networks and none of them want to get involved with a show about drinking. They think it would be in bad taste. Can you believe that garbage? There are shows on television far more detrimental to society than an educational, well-cultured show about drinking customs.

As big advocates of the responsible enjoyment of adult beverages, we’re outraged that a “Chug” can’t make it onto TV when the Kardashians have managed to secure four separate shows. Especially when they are drinking all the time. The worst part is, the Kardashians aren’t even all that bad.

10 Shows Much Worse Than A Show About Drinking:

1. Dance Moms (Lifetime) – An evil dance instructor berates little girls in burlesque outfits while their horrid mothers argue with one another

2. The Real Housewives of _________ (Bravo) – Affluent and mostly awful women battling issues like broken relationships, alcoholism, family feuding, and social circle troubles (in high heels and caked on makeup)

3. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (TLC) – A spin off of Toddlers & Tiaras (another horrendous program) that exploits a chubby, sassy seven-year-old child beauty pageant participant

4. 16 and Pregnant (MTV) – What the New York Times describes as “a “documentary-style series about real-life Junos who are not scoring in the 99th percentile on the verbal portion of their SATs”

5. Wicked Single (VH1) – A wannabe Jersey Shore type show set in Boston – and slightly more trashy

6. Take It All (NBC) – Howie Mandel’s game show that brings out the worst in people and encourages them to lie and deceive one another in order to go home with the prize

7. Splash (ABC) – A group of C-List celebrities trains and competes in platform and springboard diving, despite not being divers at all (one of them gets hurt every week)

8. Teen Mom (MTV) – What comes next after 16 and Pregnant? More lighthearted glorification of a major epidemic and bad decisions

9. Excused (The CW) – A very expensive way for comedienne Iliza Shlesinger to make fun of skanks and douchebags for half an hour straight

10. Bad Girls Club (Oxygen) – Seven highly aggressive, unruly, quarrelsome women getting into verbal and physical altercations

In a world where these horrendous shows can (and do) exist, it’s absolutely absurd that a good show that is interesting, educational, and well-cultured can’t get picked up just because it has something to do with alcohol.

Watching Zane Lamprey explore drinking customs in other parts of the world is just slightly less fun than doing it yourself – and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper. So whether it’s for the love of travel, your passion for drinking well, or simply an effort to take a stand against Honey Boo Boo– please consider donating to Zane’s Kickstarter campaign if you’re able.

You can donate a single dollar, or as much as you’d like – and all of the money will fund the production costs of the new show. Plus, there are cool rewards for kicking in.

Can’t swing it? Spreading the word goes a long way too.

If all you can do is share this post with others, do that. Just don’t let the Teen Moms win.

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