10 Signs You're Drinking Too Much

Came across this post on a blog called the Drunkmansguide and just had to share:

Drunk No Pants

10 Signs You’re Drinking Too Much

10. Your donated blood is only given to recipients over the age of 21
9. You’ve ever stepped on your own fingers
8. Your birthday is a holiday in Ireland
7. You start your mornings by picking up the phone, hitting the redial button, and apologizing to whoever answers
6. Your cab driver is making a nice second income off of the cell phones, lighters, and other things that fall out of your pockets
5. You drank so much last night you dissolved a urinal cake all by yourself
4. You know how to say, "Where are my pants?" in at least 4 languages
3. You can see your own breath – in July
2. You install shag carpet because it’s easy to hang on to
1. Your idea of "sobering up" is to switch to beer


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  • jasper holden November 17, 2012 @ 3:47pm

    Mr. Strattard You funny man.

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