10 Surefire Signs You're a Hop Head


1. You’re bitter that the term "hop-head" is also used as a name for opium addicts

2. You got the bitter pun in #1, and liked it

3. You’ve talked to a travel agent about taking a cargo ship from the UK to India, just to remind yourself where IPAs came from

4. You float Pine Sol on top of your morning coffee

5. The cat lady down the street asks you to change all 10 of her litter boxes while she’s away and you can do it without issue

6. You’ve replaced your cologne with hop oils

7. At Christmastime you insist on having a tree in every room in your house – just for the smell of it

8. The term "wet hopping" turns you on

9. You dream of a world where Dogfish Head and Stone come together to put Ruination on Randall, finishing what Biggie and 2pac started and ending the East Coast/West Coast feud once and for all

10. You cracked open an IPA while reading this list

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