10 Tools for Tailgating Wherever You Watch the Game

Fall is here, and to me, that means two things: football and fantasy football. The crisp air and colorful leaves are great too, but this time of year, my mind is invaded with the aforementioned activities. So, with football in mind, I put together this list of tools for tailgating. If you don’t have a hometown team or you prefer to watch from home, most of these products will work for both sofa and stadium tailgating. Check ‘em out:

1. Go Plates

go plate

When you need an extra hand for frisbee, beer pong, or a celebratory high five, the Go Plate has you covered.

2. Brew2Go Insulated Beer Tumbler

Brew2Go Insulated Beer Tumbler

With the Brew2Go, you’ve got cold beer on the go, and no spillage or broken bottles. Also, it looks like an adult sippy cup, which is sweet.

3. Hops Holster Beer Can Belt

hops holster beer can belt

You want to become a parking lot legend? The Hops Holster will help you achieve that status.

4. Portable Beer Pong Football Tailgating Table

This table works for everything from full spreads of tailgate treats, to competitive beer pong.

5. Heavy Duty Vinyl Keg Beer Insulated Bag

Heavy Duty Vinyl Keg Beer Insulated Bag

Stop wrestling with an unwieldy ice bucket every time you have a keg. Instead, step up your game with this bad-ass insulated keg sleeve.

6. Red Cup Beer Can Koozie

red cup beer can koozie

You’ll need a koozie for the game, why not grab something unique to show off with friends?

7. Bean Bag Bullseye Game

bean bag bullseye tailgating game

Bean bag bullseye is basically a combination of darts, cornhole, and horseshoes. Need I say more?

8. Personalized Backpack Cooler Chair

personalized backpack cooler chair

Keep things cool and close by with a place to sit everywhere you go. 

9. Pong Islands Beer Pong Game

pong islands beer pong game

If you’re going to the stadium and you want to play pong, it’s a giant pain to travel with a table. That’s where the Pong Islands come in.

10. Super Sized Football Cooler and Storage Bin

super sized football cooler and storage bin

Need a place for beers and sodas? This is it. The Football Cooler holds everything from cans and bottles to a standard half-barrel keg.

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