18 of the Most Amusing Chalkboard Sign Messages Ever Chalked

Chalkboard signs are awesome – and they’re a great, cost-effective way for bars and restaurants to advertise their specials, promote bands, and most importantly – let everyone know how clever they are.

That’s why we sell double-sided chalkboards perfect for the sidewalk, a Budweiser chalkboard that hangs on the wall and a standing menu chalkboard with a delightfully chubby chef on top.

To encourage more amusement out there, I thought I’d share some of the most creative, entertaining chalkboard signs the internet has to offer – all in one convenient place. Enjoy!

18 of the Most Amusing Chalkboard Sign Messages Ever Chalked

1. Customers Wanted
It’s direct, it’s clever, I hope it works!

2. English Humor
English Humor Chalkboard Sign
Maybe it’s the British in me but I think this one is especially hilarious.

3. Coffee Before Wine
Coffee Until Wine - Funny Chalkboard Sign
Why wait?

4. German Sausage
German Sausage Funny Chalkboard Sign
If you don’t think this one is brilliant, we probably shouldn’t ever be friends.

5. Flow Chart
Flow Chart Funny Chalkboard Sign
I’ll have to use this method of problem solving more often.

6. RIP Food
Farts Funny Chalkboard Sign
I’ve never thought of them this way before – but it’s so true!

7. Instagram Special
Instagram Funny Chalkboard Sign
I am one of those food photo people… oops.

8. Live XXX Girls
Live Girls Funny Chalkboard Sign
It’s important to read between the lines, particularly when dealing with witty people

9. Great Deal
Great Deal Funny Chalkboard Menu
Wait a minute…

10. Begging for Rain
Funny Chalkboard Sign Rain
So putting out one of these signs is just like washing your car?

11. Loose Morals
Loose Morals Chalkboard Sign
Like it or not, they make a good point.

12. Drink Here
No Bud Light Chalkboard Sign
Some people just need one of these reasons (and you already know what it is.)

13. Turn Here
Real Life That Way - Funny Chalkboard Sign
It’s always fun to choose your own adventure!

14. Vegan Buffet
Vegan Buffet Funny Chalkboard Sign
Once I stop chuckling, I might want to apologize to my vegan friends for including this one.

15. Today’s Special
Today's Special - Beer Sign
Gotta love a good specials menu…

16. Whiskey is Sunlight
Whiskey Is Sunlight Sign
How poetic is this?

17. Sober DecisionsSober Decisions Chalkboard Sign
Don’t let this happen to you…

18. Worst On Yelp
Last but not least, this one is my favorite. Haters gonna hate – why not have some fun with it?

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  • Char Aaron February 20, 2019 @ 12:39am

    Clever witty ironic and now I want to go find to a chalkboard!

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