20/20 Vision: Portsmouth Brewery Celebrates 20 Years

Portsmouth Brewery in New Hampshire has quite a bit to celebrate: 20 long years in craft brewing, culminating today with a 20-year anniversary celebration. How will they be commemorating this grand occasion? With a special new beer, brewed by 20 craft brewers, touting 20 varieties of hops and 20 different malts. That’s how.

Portsmouth Brewery

According to seacoastonline.com, Portsmouth Brewery brewmaster Tod Mott gathered together 19 of his craft brewer friends just two and a half months ago, to create an imperial brown ale like none other. Weighing in at 10.1% ABV, it’s strong like a barley wine but smooth in body, as one usually finds in a well-crafted brown ale.

I only moved back from Portland, Maine just 5 years ago and while I was there, I spent many an evening at Portsmouth’s brew pub, just a short drive south. I have a hankering to join in these festivities, so don’t be surprised if I somehow end up on the road, headed north, this weekend.

Happy 20th Anniversary to Portsmouth Brewery and here’s to many, many more!


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