Men’s Journal Names America’s 25 Best Beers (and does a great job doing so)

Now that I’m an official beer snob, I tend to be quite critical of others’ judgment calls – especially when it comes to judging craft brews. In true beer snob fashion, I assume that 95% (if not more) of the general public has no idea what makes a beer “good” and they wouldn’t know actually know a high-quality ale or lager if it fell from the sky and hit them over the head.

Mens Journal Lists 25 Best American BeersMen’s Journal ran an article on October 5th titled “America’s Best Beers” and I must admit authors Christian DeBenedetti and Seth Fletcher did a fantastic job compiling an impressive list.

I was glad to see that Stone Brewery’s Levitation Ale, Flying Fish Exit 4, Victory Prima Pils and Dogfish Head Squall IPA made the cut. In fact, several of my favorites made their top 15 and based on their proven impeccable taste, I can’t wait to try the others that I haven’t yet had the opportunity to enjoy – and I stress the “yet.”

The guys broke things down into categories, choosing three of their favorite lagers, ales, dark beers and Belgian styled brews, plus three that they deemed “best cutting edge.”

An additional 10 beers are mentioned in the article Top Five Beer Towns in the U.S., published the same day.
(In case you were wondering it was San Diego, NYC, Portland (OR), Philadelphia and Chicago that made that list).

Check them out, tell us if there’s a brew you wish had been included and let us know what YOU think!


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