3 Cocktail Shakers Cooler Than Yours

We’ve recently added a bunch of new cocktail shakers to our offerings and let me tell you, these things are awesome.

If you want to mix things up and get away from the standard (and always sleek) stainless steel shaker, try one of these:

1. The Kikkerland Graffiti Cocktail Shaker
When you’re ready to paint the town, there’s no better way to get your drink on. It looks like a spray paint can, pours like a dream, and is sure to turn a few heads.
Graffiti Cocktail Shaker Graffiti Shaker



2. First Aid Shaker
It’s a beautiful piece of glass and the front is pretty cool – but it’s the witty wording on the back that makes it a real gem.
First Aid ShakerFirst Aid Shaker



3. The Mason Shaker
I know that Caleb has already blogged about this one in detail – but I just couldn’t leave it off the list. I mean, look at this thing. Oh, and in case you haven’t heard… mason jars are in.
Mason Jar ShakerMason Jar Shaker

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