3 Delightful Holiday Cocktails for Thanksgiving

I’ve decided this year to switch things up with my Thanksgiving libations. Of course, I’ll have some beer because we’re into that season where all of the holiday/winter brews are out, and where better to indulge than a Thanksgiving feast? And wine I also enjoy, however, I’m already sleepy after my meal, and I feel like wine makes it worse. So this year, in addition to the seasonal brews, I’m going with some cocktails. Here are a few I’d suggest you try if you feel like doing the same.

1. Cider Rum Punch


Cider Rum Punch

Ingredients (to serve 6)

8 oz dark rum
3 oz lemon juice
4 oz simple syrup
12 oz apple cider
4 oz water
4 oz club soda
8 dashes Angostura bitters
6 Sprigs of thyme for garnish
6 Apple wheels for garnish


1. Pour all of the liquid ingredients in a large pitcher or carafe with ice, then stir
2. Fill your glasses with crushed ice, and fill with punch
3. Place a sprig of thyme inside, put an apple wheel on the rim, and enjoy

2. Tom & Jerry


Tom and Jerry Cocktail

Ingredients (to serve 6)

6 tbsp Tom & Jerry mix
3 cups hot water or milk
3 oz dark rum
3 oz brandy
Nutmeg for garnish
6 cinnamon sticks for garnish


1. Heat water or milk in a sauce pan
2. Add brandy, rum, and the Tom & Jerry mix
3. Whisk until thoroughly mixed
4. Serve in coffee mugs, garnish each with sprinkled nutmeg and a cinnamon stick, then start sipping

3. Irish Coffee






Irish Coffee Cocktail

Image Courtesy of Chow.com






Ingredients (to serve 6)

6 oz Irish Whiskey
36 oz coffee (just brew a full pot)
6-12 tsp sugar (depending on preference)
2 oz heavy cream


1. Lightly whip heavy cream in bowl
2. Pour the whiskey, coffee, and sugar into a pitcher and stir
3. Pour the mixed coffee into individual stemmed mugs
4. Top off each mug with a thick layer of the cream and enjoy


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