3 Reasons to Love Spreadable Beer

I’ve heard of some pretty ridiculous products inspired by and/or made with beer. As time goes by, I’m less and less surprised when I hear of these things. They used to excite me, igniting a new passion for an old hobby. At this point, however, I usually scan over the latest in the beer world without a second look. But, this morning, as I perused the news, my eye was caught by something I found to be quite spectacular – spreadable beer.

You heard that right. The nutella-like beer spread is the lovechild of Italian brewer, Emanuela Laurenzi and Italian chocolatier, Pietro Napoleone. According to Geekosystem, they used equal parts chemistry and dark magic to thicken the beer into a creamy, smooth consistency. The result: a beer butter that comes in two flavors – one made with a light beer, and one with a dark. Pretty amazing, right?

Here’s the catch: as of right now, the spreadable beer is not available through any U.S. distributors. Selfridges & Co. sells a 280g jar of the spread for a modest £7.99, but this price doesn’t include international shipping. That would cost an extra £25.00, so you’re looking at just over $50.


spreadable beer product page at Selfridges & Co.


If you’re not willing to spend that kind of dough right now, don’t worry, because you can’t. Currently, Selfridges doesn’t ship to the U.S., but they plan to within the next few months. So, you have some time to make a decision, and to help you out, I’ve detailed three great reasons why the spreadable beer is worth every penny.

1. “Drinking” at work has never been easier
If  the drinking at work memo hasn’t made it to your company, you now have a surefire way to sneak it. Thirsty for a beer? Make some toast with butter. Have a bagel with butter. Make a beer butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. You get the point.

2. You can tell people you’re getting drunk on sandwiches
Need I say more?

3. Beer birthday cakes will finally be possible
Next time you’re seeking out a birthday gift for one of your beer-loving buddies, bake him a beer cake. Oh yeah, and shop at KegWorks. We have a thing or two for beer lovers as well.

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