3 Uncool Things Beer People Do

A lot of folks assume that the best part of working in the beer industry is the beer – but I honestly believe it’s the people. I freaking love meeting new beer people because 9.75 times out of 10 they’re kind, friendly, fun, and really cool.

Every once in a while cool beer people do uncool things, however. Here’s a list of three of them.

*Please note that these observations are based on nothing more than my own experience. You can feel free to agree or disagree, just try not to do any of the following in my presence (online or otherwise) – because I will call you out.

3 Uncool Things Beer People Do

1. Boastfully posting photos of rare beers just to brag – on a daily (or close-to-daily) basis
You love beer. Believe me – we all get it. We love beer too. Posting about what crazy impossible-to-acquire, limited distribution, individually numbered bottle you recently got your hands on does not make anyone think that you love beer more, it just makes you look like a jerk who likes to show off and make other people feel bad, like they’re missing out. While that’s more or less the point of Facebook, there’s no reason to give the collective beer community a bad name by gloating all the time. Once in a while is fine but no one likes a beer person who toots his or her own horn too much.

2. One Upmanship
Sometimes beer people feel the need to outdo one another. To quote my very good (very sardonic) friend Deron who mocks such behavior, “I drink better beer in better bars in better cities than you do.” To quote myself quoting Deron mocking such behavior, “I drink better beer in better bars in better cities than you do, so stick that in your inferior pint glass and sip on it.”

Either way, it’s lame and we should all stop doing it. Every beer doesn’t have to be jaw-dropper, and you don’t have to “win” every conversation about beer. It’s not a king (or queen) of the beer geeks competition.

3. Developing Tunnel Vision
Just because you love double IPAs more than your first born child doesn’t mean that everyone else has to love them that much, and it certainly doesn’t mean that any beer that’s not a double IPA is no longer worthy of your praise and affection. Drink what you like, just remember not to force that personal preference on everyone you meet. There’s a whole world of styles out there, go explore!

Have anything to add? Let me know and leave it in the comments.

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