Handwritten Beer Tasting Journal

Journals are a way to keep the simple things in life more personal. The act of touching a pen to a piece of paper and gracefully curling, or forcefully pushing ink across a page is a dynamic action that invokes feelings of abstract expressionist painting, like action painting made popular by Jackson Pollock, if we peel back the layers of pomp and circumstance surrounding the art world. It’s a method of communication, through and through.

33 Beers Tasting Notebook

The pen striking the paper is an action that has been lost in this digital world. I don’t even know if I could pick out some of the most important people in my life’s handwriting at this point, as well as I could pick out their style of writing. I’ve seen love letters from my Grandparents courting each other in their youth and looking back on this simpler, more direct time, it seems to translate feelings and emotions through calligraphic looking sentences much better than the 16 or so, default web safe typefaces available to blog in.

The digital revolution gives us an opportunity to share information, quickly and efficiently with little to guess at a precise meaning, but some of the translation does get lost in the bits and bytes. Sometimes you just need to keep things to yourself or share with one or two people who are physically present.

A tasting experience is a very personal thing that deserves your full expression of emotions and full insight that might include doodles or scrawling not available on your laptop or phone. Sometimes you just need to write it down on a boundless page, without the confines of a 400 pixel wide column. For personal experiences let your feelings really flow. Short snippets on Facebook or Twitter don’t always give you the room you need to express yourself. For your life, get a journal. For tastings, get a beer tasting journal.


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