4 New Beer Products to Put a Hop in Your Step

The world of beer is constantly changing. It’s a wonderful thing for the most part, as every day it seems there’s a new brewery, brand, product, or style of beer. But it’s getting harder and harder to keep up. So in case you were busy last week and unable to read up on the latest in beer, I’ve compiled this little list of four unique new beer products.

1. Hops Lip Balm

Atlantic Farms Hop Lip Balms

That’s right. While I truly think Burt’s Bees is the bee’s knees, I might be forced to make a switch. Hops Lip Balms by Atlantic Farms are made by “steeping citrusy and strong varieties of hops, like Chinook and Cascade, in virgin olive oil. Coconut and hempseed oils are then blended with organic beeswax and enriched with vitamin E to create a rich and creamy base, and all of the lip balms have finely ground dried hops to give a nice texture and hoppy finish.”

2. Hello My Name is Chalkboard Pint Glasses

Hello My Name is Chalkboard Pint Glasses

Whenever I entertain or attend a party myself, confused glassware is a running theme. It’s quite frustrating. Forget solo cups with sharpies – these chalkboard pint glasses are the ultimate solution. Not only do they eliminate cup mix-ups, they call for a lot of fun as well.

3. Shakoolie Shower Koozie

shakoolie shower koozie

Any beer drinker who’s also a fan of hygiene has, at least once in their life, had the urge to drink their favorite bubbly beverage in the shower. It’s happened to me on countless occasions. But there’s this problem. Where do you put it? I have an old clawfoot tub shower with a hanging rack for shampoo and soap, and I have a hard enough time keeping those things up there. I’m not risking a spilt beer as well. That’s where the Shakoolie koozie comes in. Whether it’s before going out, after work, or (once in awhile) after a rough night, we finally have a way to safely enjoy a beer in the shower.

4. Budweiser Bowtie Can

Budweiser Bowtie Can

The new Budweiser Bowtie can was apparently three years in the making. The macro brewer is touting fewer calories in the new can, and guess how they’re doing it. Less beer. The bowtie can holds 11.3 ounces, with 8.5 fewer calories than a regular Bud. Look, we’re all for drinking what you like here at KegWorks. You like Bud? Good for you. But I have to say, a bowtie can does nothing for the beer itself, it simply changes the way you receive it.

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