4 Pines Stout: Australian for Space Beer

Unlike Japan’s Space Beer that was named so for being made from grain grown on the International Space Station, the Aussie version is referred to as “space beer” because it’s being brewed specifically to be consumed in space. [smh.com.au]

4 Pine Stout Space Certified Beer
Image credit: Sydney Morning Herald

4 Pines Brewery has teamed up with Saber Astronautics Australia to create a beer that will one day be the brew of choice, once space tourism becomes a regular pastime.

What exactly makes a beer space-certified? For starters, it’s got to be packed with flavor. According to the Sydney Morning Herald article, your tongue swells in zero- and low-gravity, so you lose a lot of natural ability to taste. Brewers have made their 4 Pines Stout full-bodied with tons of flavor, in hopes of beating this phenomenon and cutting through the insensitivity.

They’ve also changed properties in the beer to help counter “wet burps,” which are common in space. Apparently, gravity separates liquid from air here on Earth, so when we burp, we only burp air. This is not the case in space. I’m unsure as to what the brewery is doing to offset this issue, but they’re ready to start testing in a low-gravity environment in November.

I guess this news just goes to show that, just like it has for thousands of years, beer will be a constant companion to humanity, whether on Earth or off in space.

Cheers to beer and innovation!


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