5 Beers to Drink During This Hurricane

A very close friend of mine once said, "A man should only fear two things; women and their conscience."

While I don’t usually appreciate the sentiment, I think it’s rather apt at the moment. I mean, it’s only right that we’re on high alert – Hurricane Sandy is a threatening broad who doesn’t seem to have any qualms about tearing shit up.

Hurricane Sandy: Take Cover and Drink Beer

For that reason, I’d like to suggest that you all be prepared with a beer lineup that will get you through whatever she throws at us. Here are five suggestions to hunker down with:

Victory Storm King Stout – Not only is the name incredibly fitting, it’s a fantastic Russian Imperial. At 9.1% ABV it will also keep you warm and lift your spirits.

Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale – This seasonal treat is so bold and full-bodied it just might help you forget about the fact that the weather has thrown a wrench into all of your Halloween plans.

Abita Andygator Helles Doppelbock – Just like Sandy, this brew is a little bit wild and apt to sneak up on you. It’s made with spring water (which is always good to have on hand during a storm) and it’s from Louisiana, where overcoming hurricanes is a skill that you’re born with.

Southern Tier Un*Earthly India Pale Ale – An aggressive weather phenomena calls for an aggressive beer and this IPA is a force of nature. Don’t underestimate it – and please consume wisely. Driving ban or not, at 11% this liquid treat will keep you homebound.

Samuel Adams New World Tripel (from the Barrel Room Collection) – Big, intense, and complex, this sandy colored beer is the perfect accompaniment to a power outage or cancelled event. From the moment it hits your mouth, this tempest makes its presence known with Belgian yeast that carries tropical fruit and spice into the mix. Saaz hops provide a touch of bitterness, and the end result is so hearty and flavorful it could double as a meal substitute if you really needed it to.

No matter what you decide to stock up on, just make sure you’re ready! Here at KegWorks we’ve got a full keg in our break room and a brand new generator raring to go. Let’s just hope we don’t lose our Internet connection.
Stay safe out there, friends.

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