5 Bits of Brew News You May Have Missed Last Week

1. MmmHops

Hanson brothers

If you don’t remember these adolescent dudes and their flowing blonde hair, let me jog your memory. Mmmbop, ba du ba dop Ba du bop, ba du ba dop. Yeah, those guys. Hanson. They had that one big song, MMMBop, and then, like their hair cuts, they faded away. They rode the wave of stardom started by that song for as long as they could, and believe it or not, they’re hopping back on the wave again, 16 years later, with their new beer, cleverly called “MmmHops” (I don’t really think it’s clever at all). They’re brewing the beer with the help of Oklahoma craft brewery, Mustang Brewing, and releasing it in the fall in support of their ninth album (that’s right, they have nine albums), called Anthem.

2. Baseball Bat Beer

To commemorate America’s troops, nine different breweries collaborated to create Homefront IPA. The beer is brewed with orange peel and hopped with Chinook and Cascade, then rested in fermenters atop untreated maple Louisville Slugger bats. All proceeds from the sale of Homefront are donated to Operation Homefront, an organization that provides emergency financial assistance to families of service members. The baseball bats are used as a symbol of America – one of the classic American pastimes.

Left Hand Brewing Co. Homefront IPA

Each participating brewery created a label; this one is from Left Hand Brewing Co.

3. Don’t Frack with My Beer

Hydraulic fracturing, or hydrofracking is a process whereby “chemical cocktails” are sent deep into the earth’s crust to release the natural gas often present down there. Those chemicals have been shown to leak into nearby water stores, and this has brewers very worried. Beer is usually about 92 – 94% water. If water is polluted, beer is polluted. So, it’s no big surprise that the Brauer-Bund beer association, which represents AB-InBev, has called on the government for more fracking research. And they’re not the first to do so. Brooklyn Brewery has been voicing concerns on fracking for quite some time, going as far as threatening to leave the state if fracking starts.

4. Coors Puerto Rican Can

Coors Puerto Rican Can New York Times photo

Image courtesy of the New York Times

On Sunday, June 9, the 56th annual National Puerto Rican Day Parade will take place on the streets of New York City. To commemorate this celebration, MillerCoors released a new can for Coors Light which included a logo showing the Puerto rican flag as an apple, along with the words: “National Puerto Rican Day Parade, Inc.” Well, woopsy daisy, apparently many Puerto Ricans did not see this as an appropriate celebration of their culture. Melissa Mark-Viverito, who was born and raised in Puerto Rico, said “the flag is a symbol of a nation, of a culture, and slapping it on a can of beer is disrespectful and trivializes a community and its contributions.”

5. Star Trek Vulcan Ale

Star Trek Vulcan Ale

Trekkies, meet Vulcan Ale, a 5.4% ABV Irish Red Ale. It’s the first of a series of Trek-themed beers courtesy of Canadian beer importer Delancey Direct and the Harvest Moon Brewing Company. Delancey Project Manager, Richard Weger, said choosing the style was easy, because in Star Trek mythology, the planet Vulcan is a red planet.

“Each year of production will represent a television ‘season’ with each beer representing an ‘episode,’ “ says Weger. Vulcan Ale is Episode One, a Klingon beer will be Episode Two, and they’re yet to decide on Episode Three. Vulcan Ale is currently available across Western Canada, but Weger says, “We have not forgotten our American friends. If the stars align, Vulcan Ale and the other Star Trek beers should make it to the US by next year.”

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