5 Reasons You Should Give A Growler This Year


Beer lovers can sometimes be hard to buy for, right? Wrong. If you’re reading our blog right now, then you know that’s just not true. But I do understand that sometimes it’s difficult to come up with great gift ideas year after year.

By Christmas, they’ve already had their favorite seasonal, and you’ve likely gotten them some great beer gear in years past, but I’m here today to tell you about a gift that never loses steam – the growler. Here are 5 reasons you should give them the gift of a growler this holiday season.

1.) They’re Practical

KegWorks Stainless Steel Beer Growler

The word “practical” isn’t fun, but it’s…practical. If your friend or loved one likes draft beer, they’ll like having a growler. And they’ll use it. Trust me.

2.) There Are SO Many Options

Clear glass, brown glass, one-liter growlers (growlettes), stainless steel, ceramic. Seriously. Even if they already have a growler, they could probably use another one. Our brand new Keg Style Stainless Steel Growler ($29.95) is one of my personal favorites…

keg style stainless steel growler

3.) They’re Relatively Inexpensive.

You’ll never spend more than $50 when you buy a growler from us. Our prices range from $10 – $50, and all of our growlers are high-quality vessels that we use ourselves and stand behind. The Stone Brewing Co. Swing Top Growler seen below is one of our most popular options and only runs for $19.95.

Stone Brewing Co Swing Top Growler

4.) You Still Have Time

Although it’s tight, you still have time to order a growler and have it wrapped under the tree on December 25th. Check out our “Order By” dates below…

You Can Still Order Today!

USPS Order By Date
1st Class and Priority: Friday, December 19th

FedEX Order By Dates
Express Saver – Friday, December 19th
2 Day – Monday, December 22nd
Standard Overnight – Tuesday, December 23rd

5.) It’s a Thoughtful Gift

It’s just plain thoughtful. It shows that you know what they’re interested in, and you went out of your way to find a gift related to that interest. Honestly. If you wanna win Christmas, get them a growler.

If they already have a beloved vessel (or multiple beloved vessels), check out our line of accessories, like the Growler On Board Beer Carrier and the Toolbox (both seen below).

Growler on Board Beer Growler CarrierKegWorks Wooden Beer Growler Toolbox

Act today to get your gifts on time for Christmas!

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