9 Reasons To Drink In A Bar

9 Reasons to Drink at This Bar

The failblog posted this lovely sign from a place called Cajun Mikes. Although it’s quite clever, I don’t think these 9 reasons are very good reasons for drinking there, or anywhere.

Here are my top 9 reasons for drinking at the bars I like best:

1. Good Beer Selection
I’m a beer geek and there’s nothing more disappointing than walking into a place and realizing the only "craft beer" option they have is Shocktop.

2. Clean Glassware
I know that glass washing machines don’t always perform at 100% but it’s seriously gross to get a beautifully poured beer in a pint glass with someone else’s lipstick on it.

3. Friendly & Attentive Staff
Ever notice how places seem more fun when you’re friends with the bartender? When people pay attention to you, joke around and are generally pleasant it’s hard not to have a good time.

4. Free Food
I know this sounds silly (and possibly cheap) but my two favorite dive bars here in Buffalo both use free food to lure people in. One offers free popcorn and the other always has free nachos (with all of the toppings!) After a night out, free nachos are more than enough someone to choose that establishment for a nightcap.

5. A Good Crowd
No one likes drinking alone. Bars that have a crowd of the kind of people you like being around are always more enjoyable than bars that are empty or filled with d-bags and divas in their best prissy pants.

6. Good/Proper Acoustics & Lighting
When I go out, I go out to socialize and there’s nothing worse than being in a bar that is so ungodly loud I can’t hear myself think, let alone catch what my buddy next to me is saying. Similarly, it’s not always good to feel like you’re in a cave but if the light pours in and blinds you before the sun goes down, that can be obnoxious too.

7. Decent Music Selection
Whether it’s a jukebox, someone’s iPod plugged into the speakers system or a live band, the music makes a difference. I know everyone has different preferences but there’s plenty of music that pleases almost everyone (or at least refrains from annoying them) – classic rock, party hits, that kind of thing…

8. Fun & Games
There is a bar that I go to strictly because I love playing shuffleboard there. There’s another bar I like because of their photo booth. Darts are fun but I guess I kind of expect a dart board at most places. People like pool… you get the point.

9. Adult Atmosphere
When I was in college I went to college bars and now that I’m 5 years out, I find myself annoyed when there are bunches of underage kids binge drinking around me. I like places that can pull off classy without being pretentious. Basically, I’d rather see art on the walls than chewing gum.

There you have it folks. Anything I missed?

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  • Kiara Woodsland January 9, 2018 @ 2:12am

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