53,856+ Feet of Beer Line & Counting

Beer Line

You know how McDonald’s has those “OVER 99 BILLION SERVED” signs? Well I just realized that in the last nine years we’ve sold over 53,814 feet of draft beer line.

That’s a lot of beer line, considering the average kegerator uses just five feet of line.

If you joined all of that beer line together and stuck a ridiculously long pole into it, you’d have enough to reach an Air Force pilot operating a Stealth Bomber at its maximum altitude.

If you took all of that beer line and ran with it, you could run more than three back-to-back 5k races and still have beer line to spare.

The best part of this realization is thinking about how many beers have been poured through all of that line. We have potentially contributed to 99 billion beers being served and if you ask me, that makes us better than McDonald’s.

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