6 Reasons I Love Sam Calagione

Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head

Last week, Dogfish Head Founder and Owner, Sam Calagione, appeared on Katie Couric’s talk show, Katie. I was incredibly busy that day, but I bookmarked the link and came back to it this morning. Watch the video below…

Whenever I see this man in the media, I’m reminded of why I love him and his brewery so deeply. Here’s why…

1. He’s Modest

When asked in the interview above how he got into the brewery business, Sam responds, “It was actually right here, in Manhattan, a few blocks away. I was living here. I bought a homebrew kit, because I fell in love with drinking good beer. And I thought, wait a second, maybe I can do this at home. And on my way home, a bodega was having a sale on really ripe, sour cherries, and I bought them, squished them, put them in my first batch of beer, and I was smitten from that moment on and decided this would be my life’s calling.”

How much more “every man” can he be? He bought a kit, fell in love, and here he is. I love it.

2. His Brewery Makes Great Beer

Dogfish Head Beer Label
If you’ve had any DFH beers, I don’t think I need to say anymore.

3. He’s Charismatic

Sam Calagione on Katie Couric
Just look at the way he interacts with Katie Couric, who seemingly knows next-to-nothing about beer. He handles every one of her questions with both ease and grace.

4. He’s Handsome

Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Brewery
The dude is just really good looking. I mean, the ladies melt for him.

5. He’s Passionate About His Trade

Refer to #1.

6. He Represents Craft Beer Incredibly Well

It’s more than beer, as you all well know. It’s a culture. A movement. A way of life. And as the owner of one of the world’s largest craft breweries, Sam Calagione has become one of, if not the most prominent face of craft beer. He does that job justice. Every time I watch him speak or read a quote from him, I’m more and more impressed.

Now go drink some Dogfish Head!

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