6 Ways to Elevate Your Drinking Experience in 2014

New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s is tough. Every year, it creeps up on me. After all the hype and preparation for Christmas, it’s like, bam, New Year’s is suddenly here. What am I doing? Where am I going? Will I dare declare a New Year’s resolution? I typically choose to avoid all of that hoopla, especially the resolution part, because I feel like, oftentimes, people put too much pressure on themselves. They make a declaration solely for the sake of doing so, and after a week’s time, many of these promises fall by the wayside. Case in point: check out any gym throughout December, then January, then again in February. You’ll see an average amount of people in December, a huge surge in January, then back to normal in February. It’s just the way it goes.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I know there are plenty of people who make a New Year’s resolution and stick to it. For instance, five years ago, a close friend of mine decided to quit smoking. He made it his New Year’s resolution. The following day, he left for Jam Cruise, a seven-day party cruise with dozens of bands. He spent an entire week on a ship surrounded by cigarette smoke, and he kept to his word. Still, to this day, he hasn’t had a single cigarette.

So, what’s my point here? Of course, I have faith in all of you, and really I’m just projecting my own insecurities about New Year’s onto you, but, if you happen to be searching for a quality resolution, one that won’t, that can’t let you down, I just might have the thing for you. Decide to drink better. Don’t know what I mean exactly? I’ve provided six ideas to clarify…

1. Get Some Good Glassware

Classic Beer Glass Connoisseur Collection – 4 Glass Set & Tasting Book

Before I worked at KegWorks, I drank all my beer from a bottle or can. Why? I guess it was just convenient. When I started learning about our products and immersing myself in the culture of beer, I quickly switched to glassware. My drinking experience improved immediately.

2. Buy Better Beer/Wine/Spirits

Smooth Hoperator Beer Store

Image Courtesy of Smoothhoperator

When I’m at the grocery store, or out at the local beer merchant, I often hem and haw about the price of craft beer. But, I always tell myself, this is a special treat for you. What’s $3-5 dollars, really? It’s not much. And it’s a small price to pay for a dramatic increase in quality. The same goes for wine, spirits, and cocktails. Drink what you like. Treat yourself. And know you’re supporting people who worked hard to put that beverage on shelves.

3. Entertain More

Personalized Beer Tasting Serving Paddle with 5 oz Glass Set

Personalized Beer Tasting Serving Paddle with 5 oz Glass Set – $49.95

Throw a craft beer party, a wine tasting event, or a cocktail hour at your place. When you center a social gathering around a beverage, you’re giving it the respect and attention it deserves, and I guarantee you and your guests will enjoy it much more.

4. Make Your Own Beer/Wine/Spirits

Brewcraft Deluxe Homebrew Equipment Starter Kit

Brewcraft Deluxe Homebrew Equipment Starter Kit – $144.75

There’s nothing more rewarding than tasting a batch of something you concocted. The fruits of your own labor almost always taste better than those of someone else. Give it a try. You might find yourself quickly immersed in a new favorite hobby.

5. Share Your Favorite Drinks

Friends Sharing Beers together

Tell your friends and family about your favorite beer or cocktail. Have them over and make it for them. Bring them a couple of your favorites. Find someone with similar tastes and talk with them about their favorite drinks. The favor will come back to you, and it will open up your experience.

6. Build Something

Jeremy's Built-In Avalanche Kegerator

KegWorks Employee, Jeremy, with his Built-in Truck Kegerator

Build a small bar, convert an old fridge (or your truck) into a kegerator, or just accessorize your special drinking spot. Improve the environment and an improved experience will quickly follow.

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