6 Ways to Please Your Pops on Dad’s Day

black and white picture - man with beer I know a lot of you probably read the title of this post, and thought, Oh shit. Father’s Day. When is that again? It’s less than two weeks away – Sunday, June 16. So you have a little bit of time, but you should definitely start thinking about what you’re planning (or not planning) for your dear old dad this year. Quite frequently, dads are behind-the-scenes types of dudes. Mom’s the one you go to with your problems, you express your love for her in a more endearing manner, and she always gets the works on her special day. But what about dad? He kind of gets the shaft, right? No more. Check this out. We’ve got 6 great ideas to make this dad’s day special. 1. Make Him a Killer Cocktail Last Father’s day, I made my dad a Dark ‘N Stormy. It’s really easy to make, super refreshing, and he absolutely loved it. Here’s what you need for one serving: 2 oz Gosling’s Black Seal Rum 4-6 oz Ginger Beer 2 Lime Wedges (Optional) Fill a highball glass with several ice cubes, then add the rum, followed by the ginger beer. If using a lime, squeeze one wedge into the drink and stir for about 5 seconds. Add the other wedge for garnish and serve. 2. Give Him a Growler Gift If he likes draft beer, grab him a stainless steel growler loaded with his favorite suds.

KegWorks stainless steel growler

3. Watch a Flick Together

Pick up a some of his favorite beers and throw in one of these three classics: – Big FishWorld’s Greatest Dad – Big Daddy

4. Bond Over Some Homebrew

Is dad into into brewing? Has he shown any interest? A lot of dads like projects, and brewing his own special beer at home (preferably with you) is one he might particularly fancy. This Homebrew Equipment Starter Kit from BrewCraft could be a the perfect gift.

brewcraft homebrew equipment starter kit

5. Help Him With His Handicap

Golfing and drinking are a lot like rum and ginger beer – they’re a match made in heaven. When you’re out on the course on a hot summer day, it can be quite difficult to keep your brews frosty. There’s a solution for that. The Par 6 Golf Bag Can Cooler. Dad will dig it. Trust me.

Par 6 golf bag can cooler for golf bag

6. Tell Him You Love & Appreciate Him

You might have the kind of dad who will look at you like you’re drunk (and maybe you will be) when you say this, but even if that’s the case, just tell him. He may not show it, but he will definitely be touched.

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