8 Red Party Cup Products You Can’t Not Love

Let’s face it, red cups are pretty much the bomb dot com. They’re a thick, plastic (sometimes ceramic) slice of American pie. I mean, Toby Keith wrote a song about them. Is there anything more American than that? I think not.

We here at KegWorks have been enamored with the uncomplicated elegance of red cups for quite some time. Remember when we revealed the true meaning of the lines on a Solo cup (seen below)?

Did you know KegWorks solo cup measurement graphic

Simply put, we’re serious about Solo cups. And if you haven’t noticed, we’ve got a pretty killer lineup of products to show for it. Check ‘em out below:

1. The Red Cup Beer Can Koozie

red cup beer can koozie

It looks like a Solo cup, but it’s not. It’s a koozie. Yeah, pretty sweet, I know.

2. Reusable Red Beer Cup

reusable red beer cup

It’s just like the disposable plastic ones, but it’s made with double wall ABS plastic and it’s dishwasher safe. We offer an 18-ounce option and a 32-ouncer. Unfortunately, the handsome torso in the picture is not available for sale.

3. Reusable Red Wine Cup

reusable red wine cup

A red cup made just for wine. Made of break-resistant, solid, double wall ABS plastic, this baby is completely reusable and dishwasher safe for numerous nights of red cup revelry. Oh yeah, we also offer it in two sizes – 8-ounce and 14-ounce. Boom.

4. Gigantic Red Party Cup – 72 Ounces

gigantic red party cup 72 ounces - ceramic

When I initially saw this thing, I was admittedly a bit confused. I first thought that it might be a pot. Like, for plants. I mean, it’s made out of ceramic, so I guess it could be. But it’s also used to hold 72 ounces of your favorite fluids, and it will certainly start some lively conversation at any party.

5. Red Cup Shooter

reusable red cup 2 ounce shooters

Yeah. This is real life. It’s a Solo shooter for double shots. 2-ounce capacity. $4. Endless amounts of fun.

6. Red Cup 2 Go

reusable red cup 2 go for hot and cold beverages

You can never have enough red cup, so in case your were unable to get your fix the night before, you can use this Red Cup 2 Go to sip on your morning Joe. It also works with cold beverages, and it will undoubtedly make your coworkers pretty jeal.

7. Margarita Red Cup

margarita reusable red cup

This one’s for the guy or gal who thinks they’re above red cups. Look, we get it. You’re “over” your keg party days. That’s cool (kind of). But that doesn’t mean you have to be over red cups. Like the others, this bad boy is made from durable plastic and it’s completely dishwasher safe. No more excuses.

8. Red Plastic Beer Cups – 18 Ounces

red plastic disposable beer cups

Let us not forget those disposable red plastic cups that started it all. Perfect for tailgates, parties, and pong, these guys are the reason why I’m writing this post today. They’re the inspiration for the 7 works of art we’ve just discussed. The O.G. of red party cups. A solid finale for this piece. Good day to you all. Now, go get some red cup stuff. 

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