9 Major Benefits of Owning A Home Bar

Imagine a bar that always has your favorite beers on tap. The lines are never long, the music is always right, and the bathroom is always clean. This bar isn’t in your city. It’s not the corner pub in your town. It’s in your basement, your garage, or your man cave. It’s your bar. Your bar, your rules.

In case you need convincing, I’ve complied 9 benefits of owning a home bar. Check ‘em out.

1. The beer is always to your liking.


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Whether it’s a fridge full of your favorite bottles and cans, a kegerator, or a built-in draft system, at your bar, you’ll always have crowd favorites at your fingertips.

2. There is no need to worry about unwanted company.


There will be no fights and no need for bouncers. It’s your bar, so you choose who comes and goes.

3. A home bar is great for entertaining.


Need to convince your spouse or significant other? Tell him or her that it’s great for entertaining couples – not just your friends. No need to meet at a fancy restaurant; just have them over to your place and wow them with your beautiful bar.

4. There’s always a seat.


If you like to sit when you go out, you better get wherever you’re going early and stake your claim at one of the 5-10 stools. And be prepared to have people hovering over you for drinks all night. But at your home bar, there’s always an open seat.

5. There’s no line for the bathroom.


When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. 

6. Drinks are cheaper.


Say goodbye to $8 drafts and $15 cocktails. Say so long to undeserved tips pulled unwillingly from your wallet when the service flat out sucks. In your bar, you pay for what you get.

7. Last call is your call.


Say it’s 2am (or 4am in Buffalo, where we are fortunate enough to be headquartered), and you’re not quite ready for the fun to stop. It doesn’t have to. Last call is your call.

8. The music’s always right.


Regardless of your taste in music, at your bar, you control the tunes.

9. Think of the long-term savings!


At first, it’s an investment–just how big of an investments depends on what you want in a home bar. But after some time, you will start to see savings. Think of all the nights out and all the money spent on overpriced drinks, tips, and cab rides home. No more.



I’m sure there are plenty of other benefits I missed, so please feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments section below.

And if by chance, I managed to convince you, and you’re ready to outfit your home bar, you know who to call!

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  • John W March 26, 2015 @ 10:39am

    Here’s some more good reasons:

    1. The sense of pride – It’s YOUR bar. Whether you build it from scratch with your bare hands or spend days on end searching furniture stores and online businesses wracking your brain till it’s mush with material choices, old school vs. modern looks etc.

    2, It can evolve with your tastes – In the beginning it was a scotch whisky lover’s dream but now you might be more into fortified wines.

    3. The people who you invite to your home bar are always people you get along with.

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