9 Gifts to Give Your Beer-Loving Babe on V-Day

I love you more than beer

Image Courtesy of TableSpoon.com

Valentine’s Day. It sucks, right? A commercialized excuse to buy gifts for your spouse or significant other and bleed my social feeds with lame, mushy posts about love. At least that’s how I used to view it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m sure you love your spouse or significant other, and you probably like to tell them (or show them). Valentine’s Day is a convenient opportunity for that. I realize this, and I’m cool with it.

But, what do they love? Do they love giant teddy bears? If they’re not 12, then probably not. Do they love flowers? Maybe, but flowers are fleeting and unoriginal. And jewelry? I guess some people really like jewelry. But, if you’re reading our blog, chances are, you or your partner love beer. So, show your love for them (and the thing they love) with a beer-centric V-day gift. I’ve got 9 great ideas for you.

1. Make a Bottle Cap Heart with Their Favorite Brands

Bottle Cap Heart

Shout Out to Keira Lennox on Pinterest!

2. Get Some Special Glassware…

Spiegelau IPA Beer Glasses - pack of 2

Spiegelau IPA Beer Glass – Pack of 2 – (On Sale!) – $19.99

3. …or A Special Growler

Personalized Beer Growler with Name - 64 oz

Personalized Glass Beer Growler With Name – 64 0z – $24.95

4. Make a Bottle Cap Picture Frame

Bottle Cap Picture Frame

Shout Out to Lauren Copeland on Pinterest!

5. Send them a Beer-Lovers eCard

Roses are Red beer geek valentine

Click Through For More Beer-Centric Valentine’s eCards

6. Make a Beer Cake

Beer Cake

7. Bust Out Your Wit, Some Scissors, Markers, and Construction Paper


Wonderful Image (and idea) Courtesy of CraftBeerGirl.com

8. Find the Perfect Match for Their Favorite Beer

Perfect Couples - Beer, cheese, and chocolate pairing infographic

9. Brew Something Special (And Give it a Special Label)

Custom Valentine's Day Beers and Labels

Image Courtesy of SmartPartyPlanning.com

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