90’s Pop Trio Hanson to Sell MMMHop IPA

Hanson to Sell MMMHop IPA

So I thought Kid Rock’s Badass Redneck Lager was humorous but when our systems administrator John sent me this article detailing how nineties pop brothers Hanson will release their own brand of beer, I couldn’t help but giggle.

Maybe it’s the bubblegum pop influence or maybe it’s the fact that they’re naming the beer “MMMHop” after their sickly sweet 1997 hit song “MMMBop” but either way, I think it’s comical. Am I entertained enough to actually try the stuff? I just might be.

Back in June, Hanson was actually here in Buffalo for a radio station concert and I ended up seated next to the brothers and singer-songwriter Michelle Branch at my favorite local beer bar, Blue Monk, after their show. Maybe they are that into beer? Maybe it will actually be good? Maybe it will taste better if you listen to the Middle of Nowhere album while you drink it? Only time will tell.

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